DIY Chébé Butter for Length Retention

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

We have all struggled with hair loss or slow hair growth at some point during our natural hair journey. For me, it was right after my pregnancy. I experienced a tremendous amount of shedding and breakage which eventually led to my second big chop. What I would give to know what I know now about actually growing hair.

The secret to mega hair growth? There is no secret!

Natural hair growth comes from within: eating well, plenty of water, & exercise. There is no "magic product" to make your hair grow. The real secret is Length Retention. Our hair will grow regardless. So, how do we keep our hair from breaking off at the same rate that it is growing?

Protection, Protection, Protection.


This is what the phenomenon of Chébé powder aims to do. The women of Chad, a country in northern-central Africa, are known for their long, passed hip bone hair. The women use a homemade mixture or paste that lubricates and protects their hair from breakage. Therefore, it appears that the women of Chad have a magical hair growth secret that has shook the entire natural hair community.

What is Chébé Powder?

Chébé powder was founded by Gwen, more commonly known as YouTube creator Miss Sahel. She now has a business name Sahel Cosmetics, that sources Chébé directly from Africa. Chébé powder is a mixture of herbs used to lubricate and strengthen the hair strands. The women of Chad apply it with cream and oil to the length of their hair (not the scalp) and then braid it into a protective style.

The Chebe mixture stays in the hair and is reapplied every 3 to 5 days. This method encourages length retention and prevents the breaking of the hair.

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Now that we have some knowledge of Chébé powder, we can jump into the making of Yaya's Chébé butter.

How to use Chébé Butter without the grit?

For many of us, using Chébé powder the traditional way is not practical. The application can be messy and then we have to keep it in our hair for long periods of time without washing. The traditional way would be pretty hard to pull off for most of us who work 9 to 5 or live very busy lifestyles. The women of Chad spend a good portion of their time perfecting this technique and practice it almost every 3 to 5 days. Yeah, that would be almost impossible for most of us.

Blend of Chébé infused oil and exotic butters

So, how do we reap the benefits of Chébé without the grit or mess? While brainstorming, I thought of a Chébé butter that can be applied to the hair to lubricate and protect the strands. Chébé is a mixture of herbs, right? So, why not extract the herbal essences of the Chébé and infuse it into a carrier oil to make Chébé infused oil? From there, the infused oil can be paired with a mixture of exotic butters to create a grit-less, convenient Chébé butter that is more conducive to our lifestyle. What do you all think? Like the idea? Up next, I'll show you how I made this lubricating butter with ingredients and measurements included.

How to Make Yaya's DIY Chébé Butter

Whipping up a luxurious, moisturizing butter is the simplest and easiest DIY to create. However, depending on the butters you use; it can get quite costly. For some reason or another, I went all out with different exotic butters to makes this one of a kind, Chébé infused whipped butter.

For the base of most whipped butters, there is a ratio of 75% butters to 25% oils. This can vary and largely depends on the preference of the consistency of the final product. Some may use a ratio of 50% butters to 50% oils or 70% butters to 30% oils. For this mixture, I used 53% butters to 47% oils. I wanted a smoother, creamier texture versus a super fluffy one for this hair butter. This ratio would also allow me to use this butter to make a paste with the Chébé powder later on.

DIY Chébé Butter

Ingredients | Measurements

(g=grams)(Made approx. 16 oz)

- 139.48 g | Chébé Infused Oil

- 3.8 g | Chébé Powder

-138 g | Carrier oil blend - (Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, & Hemp seed oil)

- 68.04 g | Kokum butter:

- 51.03 g | Illipe butter:

- 37.42 g | Mango butter:

- 23.81 g | Cocoa butter:

- 17.01 g | Coconut oil:

- Few drops | Vitamin E:


- Lemongrass Essential Oil

- Benzion Resin:

*I did not measure the essential oils, but I used a-lot because the Chêbé has a very strong earthy, herbal smell. I used lemongrass because it is a bright but assertive smell that camouflaged the aroma of the Chebe well.

Instructions | Prep time

Step 1: Extract Chébé to make the Chébé infused oil

Prep time for this recipe varies. How many butters or oils are you using? This can affect prep time. Prep time will heavily depend on how you plan to infuse your carrier oils with the Chébé. If you do not mind the grit, then you can skip down to the melting your butters and just add the powder before you whip. If you want the butter without the grit, keep reading.

There are many ways to extract the Chébé nutrients from the powder and there is no right or wrong way. You can use heat, you can not use heat. You can heat on the stove or I have even heard of some individuals using a crockpot. The point is to mix the chébé powder with a carrier oil and infused that oil with the Chébé. I used a carrier oil blend of hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and castor oil. You can use 1 or all, just make sure the measurements add up.

Carrier oils are oils derived from from different plants, trees, and or nuts using a cold-pressed method. This method preserves the nutrients of the oils. Please do not use essential oils as carrier oils. Essential oils are distilled from plants, trees, etc. and can irritate the skin because of their high potency. They need carrier oils to be safely applied and penetrate the skin.

My extraction method is fairly simple. I mixed the Chébé powder with a blend of carrier oils in a small pot. I placed that small pot on the stove for about two hours on extremely low heat. The herbs that make up Chébé powder have already been roasted and I do not want to deplete anymore of the nutrients. For this reason, some choose to place the powder and the carrier oils in a mason jar and allow the Chébé to infuse for about two weeks in the sun. This is not practical for me, so cooking it was the way to go for me.

After two hours, simply strain the mixture using a cheese cloth. I have tried using a regular strainer and it does not work. I strained the mixture 3 times to remove all of the powder. You can strain less if you do not mind some powder residue.

However, cooking it comes with its own set of cons. THE SMELL! Chébé has a very assertive herbal smell that almost smells like burnt greens and turkey. Literally. Cooking the powder will only enhance this smell. So, keep that in mind when you are deciding which method to use. The smell will be there regardless, but cooking it definitely makes it stronger. I'll tell you how I camouflaged the smell later.

Step 2: Melt Butters

Next step is super easy. Grab your favorite butter or butters and place them in a heat safe container (preferably glass). Now you want to create a double boiler. If you already have one, then you can skip this part. If not, place the butters and your heat safe container into another pot or pan that has a few inches of water. Place the entire set up, or double boiler on the stove and melt the butters on low heat. This is the safest way to preserve the nutrients of your expensive, exotic butters.

Step 3: Mix Chébé infused oil with Melt Butters

Once your butter or butters are melted, you can now add your Chébé infused oil to the melted butters and mix well. Place the mixture in the freezer for approximately 15 to 20 minutes or until the mixture has slightly solidified. Make sure the Chébé infused oil is distributed evenly throughout the melted butters before placing the mixture in the freezer. Placing the mixture in freezer begins the cool down phase.

Step 4: Cool Down Phase

After freezing and stirring once more, your mixture should look something like this. Now you are ready to whip, whip, whip. One of my favorite parts. Whip until the mixture becomes smooth, ivory, and in some cases fluffy or silky.

This is the Chébé infused oil and melted butters together after about 15 to 20 minutes in the freezer

This part is easy but it can be difficult depending on your equipment and how large of a batch you are making. Larger batches will need more advanced equipment. If you are making a small batch for just you, then a hand mixer will be fine. If you are making 16 oz or more, you may want to pull out or invest in a stand mixer. If you are making quantities for sell, like 50 or more; you may want to look into some industrial (commercial) equipment. If that is not an option, you will just spend more time making several different batches. This can be tedious, especially when you are dealing with cleanliness and sanitation before each batch.

At this point it should be safe enough to add your essential oils and vitamin E. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that will keep your butters from becoming rancid. However, it is not a preservative. Since, there is no water in this mixture, a preservative is not necessary. You may add one at your own discretion.

Best Essential oil for Chébé Smell

My essential oil of choice for this mixture is lemongrass essential oil. IT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! It camouflaged the assertive smell of the Chébé without completely taking away from the authentic rich smell of the Chébé powder. The benzion resin also gave a light, creamy undertone that paired perfectly with the strong lemongrass. Oh and I USED A-LOT! Time to restock.

Add vitamin E and essential oils during the cool down phase.

Step 5: Fill Containers

You are done! Nothing left to do but choose cute, effective containers to protect your creation. Pipe it in or spoon it in. Either way, you now have your very own DIY Chébé Butter for length retention. No grit and mild Chébé aroma. How was it? Easy right? I believe the hardest part is prepping, cleaning, sanitizing, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Give Chébé powder a try and check out to learn more about the wonderful powder and the beautiful Chadian women who created the powder.

That's it. Watch the full video tutorial below and subscribe to all of my platforms for more DIY creations.

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This Chébé Butter was whipped up using exotic butters like: Kokum butter, Illipe butter, Mango butter, and Cocoa butter. Coconut oil, lemongrass essential oil, orange essential oil, benzoin resin, and vitamin E were also added for extra nourishment, texture, and a gentle, bright fragrance.

The butter is light, fluffy, and the perfect lubricating sealant to protect and strengthen your hair strands. Use it to seal in moisture for any protective style to encourage length retention and to reduce hair breakage.

A little goes a long way, so enjoy the lubricating benefits of this light, whipped butter for a long time.

HOW TO USE: Apply to wet or damp hair, braid or style as usual.

So, WHAT IS A PRE SALE? → A pre sale means that you are buying the product before it exists.👀 The funding from the pre-sale will supply the demand for the butters.

✨You will receive a receipt (email confirmation) for your purchases for protection and proof of purchase, but I can not guarantee when you will receive your product. I will have to wait for labels, containers, butters, and other supplies to come in before I can start creating and packaging the butters. “This could take 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, etc". Remember, I am doing this alone for the first time 😊

✨IF and ONLY IF, you understand this. You may purchase one of the 20 (8 oz) Chébé Butters left. I appreciate the love. I truly do and I hope you all see my effort to supply this butter to you. Thank you again for your support.



***Limited to USA/ Canada residents ONLY for now. Please bare with me.


*DISCLAIMER! Due to the extremely hot weather, natural butters may melt. No problem, just place it in the fridge or freezer for a little while. You can even whip it back up. The butter will still work 100% to provide shine and protection for your strands. I have taken “extreme” measures to prevent them from melting, but I can not guarantee it will work. The integrity and benefits of this butter will still be perfectly fine, but try to retrieve your product from outside as soon as possible 😊👌🏽

***No Refunds or Returns at this time. Please understand that most of the funding is being used to supply the demand. Please read all disclaimers BEFORE purchase. Thank you again for your understanding.

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