DIY Chébé Butter for Length Retention

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

We have all struggled with hair loss or slow hair growth at some point during our natural hair journey. For me, it was right after my pregnancy. I experienced a tremendous amount of shedding and breakage which eventually led to my second big chop. What I would give to know what I know now about actually growing hair.

The secret to mega hair growth? There is no secret!

Natural hair growth comes from within: eating well, plenty of water, & exercise. There is no "magic product" to make your hair grow. The real secret is Length Retention. Our hair will grow regardless. So, how do we keep our hair from breaking off at the same rate that it is growing?

Protection, Protection, Protection.


This is what the phenomenon of Chébé powder aims to do. The women of Chad, a country in northern-central Africa, are known for their long, passed hip bone hair. The women use a homemade mixture or paste that lubricates and protects their hair from breakage. Therefore, it appears that the women of Chad have a magical hair growth secret that has shook the entire natural hair community.

What is Chébé Powder?

Chébé powder was founded by Gwen, more commonly known as YouTube creator Miss Sahel. She now has a business name Sahel Cosmetics, that sources Chébé directly from Africa. Chébé powder is a mixture of herbs used to lubricate and strengthen the hair strands. The women of Chad apply it with cream and oil to the length of their hair (not the scalp) and then braid it into a protective style.

The Chebe mixture stays in the hair and is reapplied every 3 to 5 days. This method encourages length retention and prevents the breaking of the hair.

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Now that we have some knowledge of Chébé powder, we can jump into the making of Yaya's Chébé butter.

How to use Chébé Butter without the grit?

For many of us, using Chébé powder the traditional way is not practical. The application can be messy and then we have to keep it in our hair for long periods of time without washing. The traditional way would be pretty hard to pull off for most of us who work 9 to 5 or live very busy lifestyles. The women of Chad spend a good portion of their time perfecting this technique and practice it almost every 3 to 5 days. Yeah, that would be almost impossible for most of us.

Blend of Chébé infused oil and exotic butters

So, how do we reap the benefits of Chébé without the grit or mess? While brainstorming, I thought of a Chébé butter that can be applied to the hair to lubricate and protect the strands. Chébé is a mixture of herbs, right? So, why not extract the herbal essences of the Chébé and infuse it into a carrier oil to make Chébé infused oil? From there, the infused oil can be paired with a mixture of exotic butters to create a grit-less, convenient Chébé butter that is more conducive to our lifestyle. What do you all think? Like the idea? Up next, I'll show you how I made this lubricating butter with ingredients and measurements included.

How to Make Yaya's DIY Chébé Butter

Whipping up a luxurious, moisturizing butter is the simplest and easiest DIY to create. However, depending on the butters you use; it can get quite costly. For some reason or another, I went all out with different exotic butters to makes this one of a kind, Chébé infused whipped butter.

For the base of most whipped butters, there is a ratio of 75% butters to 25% oils. This can vary and largely depends on the preference of the consistency of the final product. Some may use a ratio of 50% butters to 50% oils or 70% butters to 30% oils. For this mixture, I used 53% butters to 47% oils. I wanted a smoother, creamier texture versus a super fluffy one for this hair butter. This ratio would also allow me to use this butter to make a paste with the Chébé powder later on.

DIY Chébé Butter

Ingredients | Measurements

(g=grams)(Made approx. 16 oz)