About Us

YAYA Creations was founded by content creator YAYA. YAYA has been a content creator on YouTube since 2014. This is where she discovered her love for natural hair care and creating and formulating DIY products. During that time, she developed a passion for experimenting with exotic natural butters, oils, and other natural ingredients that she included in her DIY creations. She shared her DIY creations with the world through YouTube videos and gained an amazing following. Through this following, Yaya has been able to share her passion and teach others of the wonderful world of DIY personal hair and skin care.

YAYA Creations aims to bridge the gap between business owner and customer, content creator and supporter. The plan is to create a personalized environment where we can all learn, share, and thrive together. At YAYA Creations, you are not only getting hair care, you are gaining a friend, mentor, etc. 


Pushing the boundaries of sustainability, all products are handcrafted and made to order, not sitting in storage. The plan is to supply the demand as needed. YAYA never opened the business to "try to sell something", this business was created to supply the demand of supporters who where interested in unique creations. 

You can make these creations yourself. In fact, we encourage it. Simply go to the blog or visit YAYA's YouTube channel for a list of measurements, ingredients, tools, and video visuals, plus more. 

Please email YAYA at yaya@yayadiycreations.com for any questions or concerns. YAYA Creations is currently run by YAYA herself. She juggles raising a son, formulating products, packaging, shipping, and managing social media platforms herself. We plan to build an awesome team in the future to carry some of the demand, but in the meantime, your patience is much appreciated. 



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